To achieve the rigidity of a structure (which is not deformed), the profiles must form triangular cells. Cables, bars and braces can be used for this purpose. A structure is made up by 4 bars that is easily deformable. However, a structure composed of 3 bars may not deform and for this reason most of …

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Introduction to Structures

What’s a structure? Everything has a structure. humans have skeleton, bicycles have a frame, houses have columns, beams and a roof. Structure exercise in you notebook Try to draw the following structures in your notebook. The structures / buildings shown below are famous and well known. Write the name of each structure / building under each picture. If …

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Structures – Introduction listening

Listen to the recording and fill the blanks: _______________ bear forces statically, that is, without moving. ______________, on the other hand, allow objects to move. They ____________ and _____________ force and motion from a motor to a ______________. They make work easier and more comfortable for human beings. Download audio