Worksheet Scratch 3.0 – END OF COURSE TRIP – Programming

Problem: You need to design a story in which two characters, Mary and Frank, talk about the destination for their end of course trip. 

Before starting the activity with Scratch, it is a good idea to create a storyboard with a sequence of images. This will help ensure that the story makes sense and will give you a chance to think about the dialogue between the characters:


Let’s work with Scratch 3.0 programming:

1.- Access to Scratch and login with your username. Create a new project and name it Course Trip.

2.- At least you must use these backdrops:

3.- Now select a Girl (Abby) and a Boy (Devin) sprites from the library and create three new sprites: Text 1, Text 2, Text 3.


4.-  To create a conversation you will use theses blocks:

Messages Scratch

You place “broadcast… “ on the first character who finishes his or her part in the dialogue. This will make the next character to begin his or her part with “when I receive…”


5.- Now create your story with 14 sequences and include the following sequences:

First Sequence: There must be an introductory title that shows the subject that we are going to describe.

First sequence Scratch


Sequences from 2 to 13 must tell a story and must use at least the Backdrops from point 2.

Final Sequence: The last Sequence must show this Backdrop with the title «The End».

FREE Download PDF — Worksheet Scratch 3.0 – End of Course Trip. 

Worksheet Scratch 3.0- End of Course Trip

Scratch – End of course trip

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