Circular Transmission Mechanisms

Gears come in a variety of sizes with the teeth straight or curved and inclined at a variety of angles. They are connected together in various ways to transmit motion and force in machines. However, there are only four basic types of gears. They all act so that one gear wheel turns faster or slower …

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This is a special combination of fixed and movable pulleys. The more pulleys we have, the more complex the mechanism, but the easier it is to lift the load. Look at these two compound pulley systems (n is the number of movable pulleys): Movable and compound pulleys can be used for lifts and cranes Watch the …

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Pulleys – Introduction Listening

Listen to the audio below and try to do the exercise about Pulleys. You have 2 tries!! Don’t fail! Download Audio Pulleys listening exercise


Linear transmission of motion Linear transmission mechanisms transmit motion and force through a motor to another point. Levers A lever is a rigid bar that turns around a point called a fulcrum. At one end of the bar, force (F) is applied to move a resistance or load (R) at the other end of the …

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