To achieve the rigidity of a structure (which is not deformed), the profiles must form triangular cells. Cables, bars and braces can be used for this purpose. A structure is made up by 4 bars that is easily deformable.

rectangular structure

However, a structure composed of 3 bars may not deform and for this reason most of the metal structures are composed of triangular structures.

triangle structure


Method to obtain more rigid structures which consists of making triangular structures.

Trussing gives rigidity to the structure. As you can see in the following image the triangulation prevents deformity. The central bar prevents that the structure from deforming.



The shape of the beams is called Profile. Here you have some examples of the profiles of the different types of metal beams more common:

Types of profiles

Exercise 1

Exercise:  Which of these structures does not deform by applying a force on its vertex? Draw what you would get when the 3 other structures don´t deform.

Trussing exercise structures

Step 2 - Structural conditions

Step 4 - Types of Structures